Kandam's Information

Kandam 16 - Disabukthi Kandam

The part is about planetary positions, periods and sub periods alongside the impacts ones life and change in planetary places that change with time and what it means for their life around then.

Kandam 15 – Aushadha Kandam

Section that underlines on the drugs utilized for long standing or constant infections or disease and the techniques to assist manage them.

Kandam 14 – Deekshai Kandam

This spotlights on otherworldliness. Reciting or Mantra Jepam, counsel on wearing Raksha or Talisman to dispose of the issues and foes and keep away from the evil impacts of sins.

Kandam 13 – Shanthi Kandam

The part is about the wrongdoings that one carried out in past birth, and recommends therapeutic measures to disposing of the impacts that encroach with your current life.

Kandam 12 – Expenses, Prospects of Foreign Visit, Rebirth, Salvation

This part discusses your consumption of cash and how and what you will spend on, the chance of going to an outside country and inquiries regarding what the future birth holds for you assuming you have one and clarifies about Moksha is accomplished in that.

Kandam 11 - Vehicular Profit, Second Marriage

This part is about change and pushing forward. The inquiries concerning up-sides and negatives that one gets from vehicles are answered.The decency of life and remarriage can be perceived through this section alongside what it can mean for your future life.

Kandam 10 - Business and expert life

The section engages you with data about positions that you can seek after, organizations you will build up, and benefits that these would bring, and predicts pretty much the entirety of your experiences in calling life.

Kandam 9 - Father, Inheritance, Spirituality

It gives insights concerning your dad and your relationship with him, legacy of abundance, property from your dad and every one of the up-sides and negatives will be discussed.Any profound tendencies, data about sanctuary visits, deeds of good cause, that one needs to do are uncovered here.

Kandam 8 – Life Span

Life and demise are the things that are normal to each living being here. Be that as it may, we are sufficiently fortunate to realize how can it occur? Inquiries regarding life expectancy, life span, perils that could force one to have an unexpected demise and these are replied here.

Kandam 7 – Marriage Life

The secrets that encompass the conjugal life and experience the delight of being unique to somebody. Your marriage such time of marriage regarding when it would occur, how long it will endure, the similarity factors, explanations behind delay in ones marriage, clashes with mate are generally subtleties referenced in the section.

Kandam 6 – Disease, Debt and Enemies

The wretchedness of monetary difficulties, torment from a genuine ailment, impdening risks from foes are one of the most noticeably terrible things to happen to one; the part contains data about such hardships in one’s day to day existence. Their causes, length of enduring is anticipated and certain therapeutic measures are recommended to help one through this.

Kandam 5 – Progenies

Gives data about kids in one’s day to day existence, their accomplishments, issues, your relationship with them,death and the medicinal measures for any issues related.

Kandam 4 - Mother Influence, Possessions

The job and impact of Mother in their life , the advantages and issues that one may face will be addressed.Also talks about the materialistic fortune, for example, house, vehicles, land and resources possessed.

Kandam 3 – Siblings

Predicts the quantity of siblings and sisters that one will have and address their relationship that they hold. The negative and positive perspectives will be discussed.

Kandam 2 - Schooling, riches, Prosperity, Family Life

Education,Fortune, Family Life will be examined. This part additionally discusses the force of vision and the capacity to communicate through discourse.

Kandam 1 - General Report

This is a short report that takes action by giving a go through of the overall biographic information of one i.e; name of the individual, guardians, kin, mate, kids, profession,etc. furthermore traces the expectation pretty much every one of the 12 houses in the horoscope of an individual dependent on the planetary situations at the hour of birth as referenced in your Nadi leaf.